Are you looking for Healthy Hair that is Silky Smooth with
 Luxurious Luster!?!  Make sure you find a Qualified and
 Knowledgeable stylist who stands by her work!
  New York City certified stylist offering $50.00 off for any
Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening for first time customers!!!
 Also known as Brazilian Blowouts and
Keratin Hair Straightening!!! 
                                        NOW INTRODUCING
KERASTASE Discipline smooth-in-motion care treatment. It removes all the 
frizz up to 21 shampoo's without reduction of the curls! 90$ Reg price 115$
                                       FALL SPECIAL'S 
          MEN'S 2 for 1 Haircuts 40$
                 All over COLOR starting at 65$
WOMAN'S Haircut with Kevin Murphy/Kerastase Deep Conditioning Treatment with Blow Dry & Style 65$